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Digipay has been set up with a mission to enhance customer experience through our offerings and to support and build entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Through our logo we seek to capture our objective of contributing to the society and the Country.The six semi-circle boundaries shaped are in a manner to symbolise wireless connectivity in line with our offerings of digital platform driven services. They also represent an umbrella that captures the wide range of our products. They, however, also symbolise a larger goal that we have seen for the capable yet ‘to be’ entrepreneurs. Each boundary conveys a message to these individuals with dreams and entrepreneurial outlook that it is time to cross all hurdles and boundaries and ….

The Rupee symbol reaffirms our business model focussing on digital payment mechanisms, value for money products and at the same time reassures the budding entrepreneurs that Digipay shall ensure perfect support so that they achieve their dreams, just as the bar provides support to the Rupee to form an “I”, where “I” is every person who has ever had a dream to become an entrepreneur! Through our model we seek to contribute to the Digital India initiative of the country and at the same time build entrepreneurs and make the society self-sufficient. We at Digipay, are grounded to our core objectives and shall strive to support our entrepreneurs to make a mark in their lives and contribute to the National wealth of the country.