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Digipay is an online platform that seeks to provide a bouquet of digital payment services with a goal of entering into the ecommerce space using products. We aim to simplify the life of our customers through our offerings and at the same render numerous business opportunities to help them become entrepreneurs. We consider every customer of ours as potential business leaders of tomorrow and thus, plan to support them at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

Digipay, through its services and products, aims to contribute to the Digital India initiative of the government. Our unique proposition of developing entrepreneurs in our customers shall help promote entrepreneurship and build a self-reliant society. We are sensitive of our responsibility towards the country.

We have all major companies/ bodies in the space of Telecom, DTH and Electricity as our recharge partners giving us greater strength in serving our customers. We aspire to expand our services in the near future into other services and products for greater customer satisfaction.

We have a wide-range of products under our own brand to solve the basic concerns faced by people today. Some of our products include solar lamp, tower cooling fan, alkaline water bottle and television. (View our products)